It’s been 10 Great Years with Sarah Stocker!

November 16, 2015 in Dale Ludwig, News, Posts for Buyers

Sarah StockerThis week all of us at Turpin celebrate Sarah Stocker’s 10th year with the organization! As I write that I wonder how we ever got anything done without her.

Sarah wears more hats than anyone else at Turpin.

First, Sarah is an insightful, empathetic workshop coach. A person who gently guides workshop participants through the video review and coaching process.

Behind the scenes, and working remotely, Sarah does much more.

  • She coordinates all workshops, working with buyers, facility managers, learners, and the Turpin team.
  • She manages eCoach, a monster of a process that has gotten easier with our new platform, but still requires sharp-eyed attention to detail.
  • She runs our weekly staff meetings with patience and a well-ordered agenda.
  • She proofs every document that goes to anyone outside the organization, including this post.

I could go on, but you get the idea. Sarah is the person who knows where everything is, how everything works, what we did the last time, and what we planned to do this time, but have forgotten. She can send me the third reminder to take care of something or other and still not sound the least bit annoyed that I haven’t done it.

Thanks, Sarah, for spoiling us with your talents.

by Dale Ludwig, President & Founder of Turpin Communication and co-author of the book, “The Orderly Conversation”