2013 Planning Your Training Initiatives

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Is it really possible that summer’s over and that we’ll be heading into the 4th quarter in a couple weeks?


If you’re like most of our clients, autumn is planning time for next year’s training initiatives. We thought we’d help you out and get the conversation started.

Here are some quick thoughts:

    • For the fourth year in a row, client-site workshop fees are staying the same in 2013.

  • We launched Find Your Focus Video. As you probably know, we have become pretty good at creating eLearning videos. Now we’re offering video production and consulting services to our clients who work in the eLearning field. This is no ordinary production service, though. What sets us apart is our on-camera coaching. If you’ve ever had to be on-camera, you know how challenging it can be. We’ll take the mystery out of it for you. Learn more here.
  • Last year we developed a more robust workshop catalog to better serve our clients. While sessions are always tailored to meet each group’s needs, we’ve made it easier to envision what your sessions might look like.  Think of these descriptions as the starting point for tailoring conversations.

Here are the workshop titles and links to their full descriptions.

Mastering Your Presentations
No-nonsense strategies for presenting and facilitating in today’s business environment

Presentation Training for Sales Professionals
Practical skills for facilitating your sales conversations

Speaking with Confidence & Clarity
Fundamental skills for the nervous or novice presenter

Presenting Globally
Getting your message across the cultural gap

Narrative Presentations
Using stories to capture and motivate your audience

Presenting & Training in a Virtual Environment
Adapting your face-to-face skills to the online world

Presentation & Facilitation Skills Training for Trainers
No-nonsense techniques for engaging today’s learners

Advanced Meeting Facilitation
Strategies for encouraging participation while controlling the process

Running Effective Meetings
Fundamental skills for beginners

  • We continue to offer public workshops. We have two-day mastery-level workshops and one-day novice-level workshops. These are excellent options for when you don’t have enough people to fill up a class of your own. Click here for details and schedule.
  • Budget and travel continue to be an obstacle for many. If this is the case for you, check out our eLearning options. Single and multi-user licenses are available

We think that covers the highlights. We look forward to 2013 and helping your presenters and facilitators find their focus, be themselves, only better.


Dale & Greg

by Dale Ludwig, President and Trainer, and Greg Owen-Boger, VP and Trainer, at Turpin Communication

New Service Demystifies Video Production for eLearning Professionals

June 5, 2012 in Author, Dale Ludwig, Delivery, Find Your Focus Video, Greg Owen-Boger, News, Training, Video

News Release – PDF

Media Contact:

Greg Owen-Boger, VP

Chicago, IL – June 6, 2012 – Anyone who’s tried to create their own professional video knows how challenging it can be. Greg Owen-Boger, VP of Turpin Communication, knows firsthand how true that is. “In 2007 we started creating video for our online courses, which were originally designed to accompany our live workshops in a blended learning format. We had never done this before, but we knew we needed to keep our budget under control. That meant we needed to produce the video in-house.”

That was the beginning of a multi-year learning process for Greg and his team, which consisted of several people including Dale Ludwig, Turpin’s founder and president. “We had to learn about cameras, lights, sound, scriptwriting, editing and learning management systems. It was a lot to take in when you’re starting from scratch,” says Ludwig. Eventually the team had their studio in place and the equipment and scripts ready to go.

“I was the on-screen guy,” says Ludwig. “The most frustrating part for me was trying to engage the learner through the lens of the camera. It was a pretty humbling experience. I looked and sounded awkward. It was important to us that I not read from a script word for word because we wanted the video to be as conversational as possible. But every time we’d play a clip back, I’d feel defeated.”

Then the thought occurred to them. “We help people gain control and appear confident and comfortable in live presentations and training sessions all the time,” says Owen-Boger. In fact the company has been doing so for 20 years. “We ought to be able to coach people on camera just as we do in live training situations.” They tried using the same techniques that had worked so well in the past, and realized it worked on-camera, too.

And that’s how Find Your Focus Video came about. “We’ve been through the learning process ourselves. Friends have asked us to help them through it. Now we’re making the service available to a wider audience.” One of their first clients, Dana Peters, CEO of Mondo Learning Solutions, says, “… (Turpin) supported the entire process from script development to delivery of the finished product, but what really impressed me was their ability to coach me through the foreign process of talking to a camera … all with amazing patience.”

When asked if this new venture could be called a production company, the answer was a resounding no. As Owen-Boger says, “We’re a communication training company. We’re simply expanding our services to help people communicate more effectively on video.” While they have the know-how for video production, “the differentiating factor is that we provide on-camera coaching on top of the production services. That’s unique. We give people the skills and confidence they need to be their best on video.”

About Turpin Communication
Since 1992, Turpin Communication has been helping business professionals be more comfortable, confident and in control when delivering presentations, facilitating meetings and running training sessions. Training services include live client-site workshops, online asynchronous courses and individual enrollment workshops in Chicago. Now these services have been expanded to help on-camera speakers engage viewers through a camera lens.