Dale Ludwig Receives Training Industry’s Readership Award!

May 16, 2016 in Dale Ludwig, Greg Owen-Boger, News, Posts for Buyers, Talent Development, Training

Congratulations to Dale Ludwig, Turpin Communication’s Founder and President, for winning the Training Industry Readership Award at the Training Industry Conference & Expo in Raleigh, NC on May 10!

The award is for his much-read article, “Let’s Get Serious about Live, Instructor-Led Training,” which was published in the fall 2015 edition of Training Industry Magazine.

“It’s an honor to be recognized alongside other industry thought leaders from Dell, the U.S. Army, Allen Communication, and others,” said Ludwig.

TrainingIndustry.com states that their “focus is on helping dedicated business and training professionals get the information, insight and tools needed to more effectively manage the business of learning.” “My colleagues and I are happy to be part of that important mission,” he added.

Excerpts from the news release:

The Training Industry Readership Award recognizes 10 of the most-read articles published on TrainingIndustry.com and Training Industry Magazine from the past year. The winners were selected based on readership appeal and attention.

“It’s always exciting to see which articles garner the most attention,” said Ken Taylor, editor in chief and president, Training Industry, Inc. “This allows us to see the topics that are important to our readers and how we can align our content with what’s going on in the industry.”

“We take pride in the quality of the content that we publish,” said Doug Harward, chief executive officer, Training Industry, Inc. “It’s great to see the range of topics that made the list of most-read articles and how our audience is engaging with the content.”

Read the full news release and view all of the evening’s award recipients here.

10 Ways Instructional Designers and Trainers Can Work Together Better

December 7, 2015 in Dale Ludwig, Delivery, Facilitation, News, Talent Development, Training

Originally published by Training Industry Magazine Dec. 1, 2015. Full Article

Training Industry Magazine article by Dale Ludwig

The transition between training design and delivery is never easy, especially when the designer and trainer are different people. Decisions about structure, examples, exercises, interactions, even slide design may be intuitive to the designer and profoundly confusing to the trainer.

When things don’t go well, it’s easy for trainers to blame the design.

It’s common to hear, “If only this were laid out differently, I would have been able to explain it better” or “This slide has never made sense to me.” For designers to blame the trainer, “You didn’t follow the plan and ignored the script in the facilitator guide. You strayed too far off course.”

Success occurs on two levels

This handoff from designer to trainer would be much easier if designers and trainers came together to understand that training succeeds on two levels. The first level of success is about achieving the learning goal. The second level, which is much more difficult, is about managing the process and ensuring that conditions are created for fruitful learning to take place. This goal is achieved when learners feel that the learning process itself is appropriate, efficient and safe. For true success, both levels must be met. When this doesn’t happen, learners fail to engage and learning suffers.

What can designers and trainers do to ensure that the process goal is met? Let’s look at things from both perspectives.

Full Article at Training Industry Magazine

by Dale Ludwig, President & Founder of Turpin Communication and co-author of the book, “The Orderly Conversation”

Let’s Get Serious About Live Instructor-led Training

September 8, 2015 in Author, Dale Ludwig, News, Posts for Buyers, Talent Development, The Orderly Conversation, Training

Dale Ludwig, Founder of Turpin Communication and Co-author of The Orderly Conversation was just published in Training Industry Magazine.

Training Industry Magazine article by Dale Ludwig

Here’s an excerpt.

Let’s Get Serious About Live Instructor-led Training

With so many modes of training delivery available to learning and development (L&D) professionals – online, blended, synchronous, asynchronous, mobile – it’s common to ask whether a traditional face-to-face workshop is necessary to meet the needs of the business. In many cases, it’s not. When it is, though, we have a responsibility to make this mode of delivery worth the investment in time and resources.

To that end, training professionals spend a lot of time thinking about the needs of adult learners. What some of them do not fully take into account, though, is that the adults with whom they work are not merely “adults.” They are Busy People at Work.

Busy People Work - Turpin CommunicationThese learners have unique perspectives and specific needs. Unlike adults in non-business learning environments, they view training as a job responsibility, important for their work and their advancement, and are very busy. Time spent in training is time away from their regular responsibilities. Understanding and empathy for this type of learner must be the driving forces behind training design and delivery. When they are, trainers earn the trust and good will of their learners. Without trust and good will, learners check out of the process.


The article goes on to discuss five key concepts for designing and delivering training for Busy People at Work.

  1. Make it a conversation.
  2. Plan to succeed on two levels.
  3. Frame the conversation.
  4. Be engaged and responsive.
  5. Don’t let activities destroy good will.

Read the full article, found on page 21, here.

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