What can I do about dry mouth?

October 15, 2012 in Author, Delivering Your Presentation, Delivery, Engaging Listeners, FAQs, Preparation, Presentation, Sarah Stocker

Dry mouth can be a symptom of dehydration, so drink some water before you present. You also may want to cut back on caffeine before a presentation. Caffeine is a diuretic and can leave your mouth feeling dry. Eating some hard candy just before your presentation can help as well. If your lips get dry, put some lip balm on.

Breathing through your nose instead of your mouth can also help, but only if you can do so without thinking about it. You don’t want it to become a distraction for you.

Be sure to take some water with you to sip during your presentation. When you need a drink, pause and take one. Don’t worry; this won’t make you appear less polished.

Dry mouth can be distracting for you when you present, so do what you need to do to stay hydrated.

By Sarah Stocker, Trainer and Workshop Coordinator at Turpin Communication