Virtual Presentations That Work

Virtual Presentations That Work:

Break Through to Engage Clients and Staff

GregOwen-Boger_VirtualAudience: Virtual presenters and trainers
Speaker: Greg Owen-Boger, VP Turpin Communication
Duration: 60 – 90 minutes

It’s one thing to be clear, concise, and in control of your message when you’re speaking to a group of people in a live conference room setting. It’s an entirely different thing to keep audience members attentive and engaged when presenting virtually.

It’s not just learning how to run the meeting software. That’s the easy part. The real issues are (1) getting people to want to participate and (2) communicating well using the technology so that what you say is actually heard and understood.

In this practical session, delivered virtually or live, we explore the skills and techniques it takes to communicate effectively in virtual settings no matter whether you’re conducting meetings, presentations, product demos, or video conferences.

Listen to a recording hosted by CCASTD 6/24/14

Listen to a recording hosted by CCASTD 6/24/14

Topics include:

  • Transferring face-to-face skills to the virtual environment
  • Engaging people you can’t see
  • Keeping people focused
  • Developing visual aids for online delivery
  • Planning and executing interactions that people want to participate in
  • Using video conferencing tools
  • Pros and cons of muting attendee phones
  • Using tools such as polls, chat, hand raising, and more
  • Using a host to manage the technology so that you can focus on content

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