Make it an Orderly Conversation

Make it an Orderly Conversation:

A Fresh Start for Everyday Business Presenters

Dale LudwigAudience: Everyday Business Presenters
Speaker: Dale Ludwig, President & Founder Turpin Communication
Duration: 60 – 120 minutes

Effective presenters keep audience members focused and engaged while managing the give and take of an interactive process. Many of the assumptions and techniques found in traditional presentation skills training, however, undermine this process, leading to frustration for everyone.

The problem is that presenters have been taught to approach their presentations as performances. This “performance approach” assumes that perfection is possible and success lies in what the presenter does prior to delivery. For example, it encourages presenters to prepare to the point of scripting. It assumes that good delivery means following the rules. Most damaging of all, a performance approach places full faith in rehearsal to reduce nervousness. These assumptions need to be challenged and replaced.

At their core, everyday business presentations are interactive, facilitated conversations. When presenters understand and accept the ramifications of this—that a genuine conversation must take place—their path to success is more focused and far less stressful.

This session explores a new way to think about presenting. What this session will NOT do is (1) gloss over the hard questions, (2) assume that all presenters succeed along the same path or (3) offer the same old tips and tricks.

What this session WILL do is help you:

  • Understand the unique challenges you face as a business presenter
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your individual approach to presenting
  • Focus your improvement on skills that will help you engage learners and manage your nervousness

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