back cover 6-3-14

The Orderly Conversation®
is a groundbreaking resource
for business presenters.

It offers a new approach to the getting-business-done presentations you deliver—an approach that’s more appropriate for the real world of business and more practical for every type of presenter and presentation.

The business presentations you deliver are not static or one-way. They are an exchange of information that have much more in common with informal conversations than formal speeches. They require, as this image shows, a preparation process that looks ahead to the conversation that will take place and a delivery process that is flexible and responsive.

Our goal with this book is to call out many traditional assumptions about what it takes to succeed and replace them with something better.

This book is for you if:

  • you feel that what you’ve been taught about presenting doesn’t work for you
  • the strategies you use to overcome nervousness aren’t working
  • you struggle to engage your audience when delivering prepared information
  • you struggle to stay on track once the presentation begins
  • you find yourself breaking the “rules” of visual aids because they don’t work for you
  • you feel that preparing and delivering presentations ought to be a lot easier (and less time-consuming) than it is

Why This Book?

This book is unique for a couple of important reasons.

  1. First, it focuses on the type of presentations you actually deliver. Other resources available to you—books, blogs, academic courses and the corporate training they have inspired—do not. They focus on speechmaking. Your presentations require a fundamentally different approach.

    Therefore, much of what you have been taught about presenting has to be replaced. This includes, for example, the notion that a perfect presentation is possible, that practice will guarantee success, that graphic images on slides are always better than words, and that there are rules about where to stand and how to gesture. We’ll talk about how these assumptions hamper your success.

  2. Second, we respect your individuality. We know that the challenges you face as a presenter are unique and that you will not improve in exactly the same way as anyone else. The recommendations we offer have to be adapted to you and your needs. We’ll help you with that whenever we can.